La guía definitiva para Presa Canario

La guía definitiva para Presa Canario

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While doing some corrections on my site I’ve found some interesting facts. In this year – 2007 – we have some anniversaries.

I was working training dogs and they worked well, but something was missing. I was at the club working for long time and one day a guy came with a presa Canario with Cinnamon hair, so stubborn, I didn't notice anything different, but when I saw working this dog, Cinnamon was her name, she impressed me, I had seen many dogs working but none like cinnamon.

Unfortunately, it was also used for dog fighting due to its Mastiff strength and clutching genes, which are said to be inherited from Alano, a type of Bulldog ancestor.

Temperament is vary impulsive. He don’t bark much, but when he barks his voice is very strong and clear. Very friendly with his family, with strangers can be dangerous.

De igual manera, su peso ronda entre los 15 y 30 gramos. Acertado a sus delicados rasgos, se clasifica contiguo a los animales domésticos que necesitan un manejo suficiente cuidadoso, aunque que Adicionalmente es un ejemplar muy tímido y suele evitar el contacto físico.

These dogs also need high quality food. They do not eat large amounts but need feed to maintain their fitness and activity. In addition, they are dogs that do not get fat easily, so they have a good metabolism.

While it’s uncertain Ganador to what a mixed-breed puppy will look like since they don’t have a breed standard, with this hybrid, at least we know it’s gonna be a large dog.

However, it doesn’t mean your pup or adult dog should eat Vencedor much Figura it Chucho. Three cups of good-quality dry dog food a day will be enough for your dog.

Want to get the perfect puppy? Just tell us your preferences and we will do all the work. Contact information

Esta es la razón de que algunos perros Canario Presa se clasifiquen como PPP. No quiere opinar que sean malos perros, sino que su mordida es potencialmente peligrosa. es un arbitrio gratuito para todos los amantes de los perros que deseen obtener información precisa y experta sobre los perros pastor teutónico.

For others, producing certain traits involves more skill than luck – the result of careful study and planning. Vencedor breeders, we must understand how we manipulate genes within our breeding stock to produce the kinds of dogs we want. We have to first understand dogs Campeón a species, then dogs Figura genetic individuals. (Dr. Jerold Bell)

Never leave them alone. I’m not trying to scare you away from this dog. You won’t find a better guardian than the Corso Presa, but you must be cautious.

¿Quiénes Somos? Mi primer contacto con los perros de presa fue en el año 1990 donde adquirí una pareja de cachorros en Fuerteventura, descendientes estos de perros de las Palmas, si acertadamente tengo que afirmar que estos cachorros cuando llegaron a su perduración adulta no eran lo que yo esperaba de un perro de presa, eran tenaces y combativos pero careciendo del instinto de Cumplimiento, con lo cual regalé al maslo y cedí la hembra a un familiar con la intención de encontrar un puerco adecuado e intentar conseguir algunos cachorros que adquirieran el carácter que yo tanto ansiaba.

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